You are fed up with standing back & watching others live the life you want. You are tired of pretending you have your sh*t together. You long to be a part of a kindred community – people who get you. And you know you are meant to have a big impact on this world.

We are Michael & Laura LaRocque – we believe that events and people enter into our lives at the exact moment that they are meant to, to teach us what we need to know at that time. 

We thought we had life figured out. We had the education, the careers and then the marriage. Ready to take the next step of buying a house and starting a family, but we knew deep down that we weren’t happy and those things wouldn’t make us happy. It was deeper than that.

 And then we took control of our lives instead of letting our lives control us. And it all changed.


Picture this:

~ You wake up excited to hop out of bed each morning
~ You have confidence in yourself & your decisions
~ You live a balanced life – eat healthy, move your body, exercise your mind and feed your soul daily
~ You and your spouse have a new found love for each other
~ You feel purpose for your life every day
~ You and your spouse have created a vision for your future
~ You also have a plan to create that vision – together!
~ You have time to spend with your family, friends & do what matters most to you
~ You are traveling the world with your spouse – creating memories while you “work”
~ You always have enough money for all you desire in life 

You can have it all too.

We are about encouraging & inspiring YOU to get unstuck, BUILD a VISION and get started CREATING your LIMITLESS LIFE……..


Our aim in life is to be happy, healthy, have fun, be free and inspire and support you to do the same.

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"Laura has got to be one of THE MOST genuine, authentic and inspiring women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She consistantly thinks outside the box, dreams big, always has helping others at the forefront of her heart, and makes it happen - no matter what. She is the truest definition of a heart centered leader, and I know she is already changing the world with her vision. Anyone that has the opportunity of being in her presence or learning from her will have no other choice but to walk away a better person. I know I have..."

- Jennifer Jayde, Intuitive Business Coach + Mentor, California