You open your eyes to the beautiful sunrise pouring in through your bedroom window. As you walk toward your balcony, you breathe in the fresh and salty ocean air. You are so grateful for your amazing view as you settle in for a few moments: watching the waves roll up on the beach, and you begin a peaceful meditation before starting your day.

You can hear giggling coming from downstairs, as your spouse and your 3 small beautiful children have started preparing a healthy breakfast of fresh fruits and veggies from your backyard garden and the nearby market. 

Today you are spending the day enjoying the sunshine! The best sound in the world is listening to your children laugh and scream as they play in the sand and splash each other in the water.

Later on during dinner your children keep you entertained with their imaginative stories from throughout the day and they love sharing what they are grateful for. As they finish up their baths and bedtime stories, you tuck them in with many hugs and kisses.

You and your spouse can now relax on the patio, watching the beautiful sunset while enjoying each other’s company. All of course, while your partner treats you to a relaxing foot rub ;)

Does this sound like a day in paradise? IT IS! Except this is your life. Every. Single. Day. You have the freedom to design your schedule around your family, around your passions, and around your work. Time is our most precious gift. Once it’s gone, we never get it back.


Do you believe your dream life can be reality? We do.  


Building a freedom LIFESTYLE is for you if........

~ You love learning and growing

~ You dream of working from your laptop from anywhere in the world

~ You know you are worth more than your current paycheque

~ You have a love for encouraging & sharing in others success

~ You know “going back to school” isn’t for you

~ You dream of earning money while you learn

~ You care about your health & want balance in your life

~ You love spending time with your loved ones

~ You want to live a life you LOVE!


We absolutely LOVE that we can connect with so many health conscious people, encourage them to live an even healthier lifestyle, help them overcome obstacles in their life and inspire them to create ultimate abundance while living their dreams. AND we get to work together as husband and wife, envisioning and creating our future together

Imagine, having the option to build a fulfilling business, by simply using products you love anyways, and connecting with other like-minded and supportive individuals and couples that want to see you thrive in your life!

You can do this too (of course only if you choose too!) Because we aren’t special. We have failed many times, but we have grown each time. We are here to support you and mentor you to reduce your learning curve and guide you through the process of achieving your dreams with your family! We are just a real couple, from a small town, with a big vision for our life! 

How would your life be different, if you had more time, more money, more freedom to pursue your passions and to use your talents giving back to this world? Is your spouse your business partner? Are you travelling the world with your children? Are you fulfilled and full of purpose?   

Quit wasting away anymore of your precious days, fill in the form below and let’s get chatting about your limitless life

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