Do you:

-       Wash your clothes

-       Cleanse and moisturize your skin

-       Brush your teeth

-       Wash your floors

-       Burn candles

-       Wear perfume/cologne

-       Wash vegetables

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chemical free living may be of interest to you!

Many of us believe that “healthy” means eating our veggies, exercising and drinking lots of water. But what we aren’t aware of is the overwhelming amount of toxins in our homes that we are exposed to every single day.

These toxins are known as endocrine disruptors and act like synthetic hormones in our bodies, throwing off our bodies natural hormonal system. We are exposed to them on a daily basis from personal care items to fragrances and they affect everything from our mood, to our reproduction, to our metabolism.

But the sad truth is – these chemicals are in EVERYTHING we touch, wear and breathe. And we can’t buy our way away from them. But what we can do is become aware and do our part in reducing this toxic load on our family and ourselves.

There are so many “green” option products on the market today. We can find everything from products to clean our homes, to personal care products such as toothpastes and deodorants, to vitamins and supplements. Do you find yourself standing in the aisle at the grocery store, confused, trying to decide which products to trust to be the best for you and your family?


Laura has sought holistic approaches to health since her teenage years and always had an interest in natural living. Over the last few years, whenever purchasing cleaners and supplements we’ve always opted towards the “greener” versions also.

But as we learn more everyday, we’ve realized how many toxins and chemicals were still hidden in all our daily products. It is disheartening to know that we try to do the best for ourselves and our families and it’s so hard to decipher what we’re really exposing our bodies to on a daily basis.

And this is where Young Living has been such a blessing in our lives. It has taken the guesswork out of the quality of the products and the concerns of toxins and harmful chemicals in our home.

We started by dabbling in essential oils. Laura used to have a tiny (ok huge!) obsession with scented candles, so diffusing oils was our first adventure. The best was watching Mike come home from his construction job and getting the diffuser running with his favorite oil (Guys, don’t think the oils are just for the ladies!) And then we learned that there was a lot more to these oils than we knew. We started learning the tricks on how we could use them everyday, basically transferring our medicine cabinet to essential oils!

Then we discovered the chemical free cleaning products, and the personal care items. Over time we replaced our daily products with chemical free toothpastes, deodorants, skin care and more.

And finally we started transferring our supplements that we were purchasing at health food stores, to Young Living’s oil infused quality supplements.

Can you imagine yourself, going from standing in the aisle at the supermarket, comparing ingredients, to sitting in the comfort of your own home, ordering your trusted and favorite products that get delivered right to your door? In our busy life (and we don’t even have children yet) this is such a welcomed time saver!

We are strong believers that in order to benefit from living a Freedom Lifestyle, optimal health is number one. Chemical free living is part of the puzzle, along with nutrition, exercise and personal growth, in creating a balanced, fulfilled life!

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