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What I would tell my 20 year old self + a special announcement at the end!

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Have you ever had an idea and put it off for someday in the future? Like an idea to travel somewhere, to learn a new hobby, to apply for a new job, to go back to school, to start that business that’s always on your mind, to take a chance and just put everything you own in storage and start fresh somewhere new?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about time. Time passes by no matter what. It’s the only commodity in our life that we can never get back. And yet we seem to spend time like it will never run out. Just assuming that we will wake up tomorrow and get to do what we didn’t get done today. We put off those ideas that come to us for a day, a week, a year and soon we find ourselves thinking it’s too late. We missed our chance, now we’re too old, we have too many responsibilities, we have children, we have mortgages, we have careers.

It’s been 3 weeks now since Michael and I have been back to Canada and we’ve been really enjoying this time we have to spend time with family and visiting friends. As we drive around the city we lived in for 10 years before we left, and our small hometowns in Saskatchewan, we’ve had many conversations around the time that has passed. Time changes everything, and yet nothing changes at all.

We talk about where we would be now if we hadn’t left. What life would be like. We talk about how 3 years ago we never would have imagined that we, just small town people, would have lived in London for 2 years. Making friends from all around the world and traveling around European countries. In our minds, that was only experiences for the lucky few, or more realistically for us, that was stuff that we only seen in movies.

I’ve been thinking about how in my early 20’s I had ideas to travel, to go back to university and how I put them off because I thought I was too old. (I was too old in my early 20’s, crazy right?) I thought I needed to just work at the career I chose even if I wasn’t that happy, so that I could get married, buy a house with my husband and then do my lifelong dream job of being a mom.

Now when I look back I think wow – I thought I was too old for opportunity when I was in my 20’s.  How many of us feel that way? That we must work in the same field for 30 years, that we must live in the same town our whole life, that we missed our opportunity?

What would I tell my 20 year old self? To take a chance. To go travel, to go back to school. To fail, to try new things, to get out of my comfort zone. Because that is where all the growth and great things happen. And time is going to pass the same way, quit wasting it and acting like it’ll last forever.

As Wayne Dyer says – “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

- Laura

PS. If you didn’t already see our exciting news on our Instagram or Facebook – LaRocque Life is expanding! We are welcoming our new boss – Baby LaRocque – December 2016. We are very excited about the new direction and adventure that lies ahead for us and as always appreciate your love and support!

baby larocque

Facing your fears

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about change and the fears that come up when faced with any sort of change. What does it take to face our fears head on? To stop allowing them to win, keeping us stuck in the same unfulfilling job, unsatisfying relationship, and stopping us from living a life we dream of?

I’ve learned that if I want to live a different kind of life, then I must step out of my comfort zone, I must face my fears head on. This usually brings on A LOT of resistance within myself, and I find that I look for any excuse to stay the same, to stay safe – even though it doesn’t make me happy. I’ve learned that this fear never goes away, and if I waited for it to go, things would never change.

You see our ego likes to keep us safe. It’s not that our ego wants us to live a boring life – it just wants us safe. And to some people, working the same unhappy job is safe. Staying in the same unhappy relationship for years or doing the same boring routines day in and day out may not be fulfilling, but it’s safe. And before we know it, years have passed us by and we’re safe…… but are we happy?

comfort zone

The only way to move forward and chase your dreams is to get started somewhere. Anywhere. It’s not going to be perfect. But guess what, perfect doesn’t exist, and all it does is holds you back from moving forward, from making change. What are you putting off starting today because you’re worried about how you may look, what others might think? What if I told you that those people are so consumed in their own lives, that they don’t actually care. You have something great within you and it’s waiting for you to recognize it. Start it now, do it now!

- Laura