Do you choose Love or Fear?

I used to fear not being successful or not having enough money or toys. Not living up to my friends or family expectations. Needing to keep up with the Jones'.

Now I fear not living up to MY own expectations or what I know is possible for myself. It really does scare me to think I can not become what I visualize daily or what I talk about with my daily and nightly affirmations. I fear not being the father or husband that I know I'm capable of being.

With so many different ideas and expectations about how we should live our lives from outside sources, it's hard to hear and trust our inner voice. I say this a lot now a days "that inner voice is the only one that goes to bed with me every night" I might sleep beside my wife but that inner voice is the one talking while I fall asleep.


It's up to us whether we are having celebrations or a fight with that inner voice each night, it's easy to do what people or society expect us to do. What's hard is listening to our selves and our inner voice. Really doing what makes us happy or proud.

I'm not some weak in the knees kid or a person with no life experience. You name it, I've been there. With this experience I now know that you have to be true to yourself no matter what!! Easy to say, hard to do.

With new tools and a new mind set I've been able to help keep the outside forces at bay. Not to say that they don't sneak in from time to time, it's all a matter of learning how to handle situations.

Whether it be affirmations, gratitude, setting goals, working out, writing, reading, getting out of my comfort zone by trying new things or doing things that I know scare me. These tools have become invaluable to my personal success and continued work in my relationship.

Fear has become something that I know is there but can't make decisions based around it or nothing will get done. No fun story, adventure or positive life changes ever came from making a decision based from fear.

When faced with a decision you can choose Love or Fear - always choose love! There's such a huge world out there for us, with endless possibilities. Don't let fear block those for you.


Are you looking for some more adventure in your relationship?

Travel has become way more of an adventure for Laura and I over the past couple years. Rather than our typical hotel stays, recommended tourist restaurants and visiting the main crowded beaches - we have discovered and taken full advantage of staying off the main grid and exploring areas more as locals.

We’ve discovered so much more to see and experience. Everything from a long river boat stay in Cambridge UK, to a yurt in Amsterdam, our own cabin on the coast of Iceland,  to a town house with a brand new baby (I mean days old) with their traditional Chinese grandparents there to look after her. It's been crazy, but fun!!

I’m not sharing this to impress you, but only to highlight that fact that there is so much to see and do all around us. Adventuring with your partner, discovering new places, sharing new experiences, getting lost together, trying new foods and watching the look on your partner's face when you randomly stumble upon an amazing view - all can be reminders of when you first started dating and great ways to keep your love alive.

I’m not saying that you have to always do something crazy, or move to a far away destination -  adventure can be kept simple as well. Getting away for a weekend is often the most practical option for many couples. Pick a destination within a few hours drive from your city and indulge in a quick escape from the daily routine.

Or, how often do you visit the tourist sites in your own city? Hardly ever, right? Find the history, go to museums and parks; research online the possibilities in your city that you don’t know about, as well as the attractions and destinations within about an hour.


Here’s a few of my own tips, whether you have an afternoon together, a whole day or you can sneak off together for a weekend:

• Stay in a hotel/bed & breakfast or swap houses with friends in another town.

• Step outside your comfort zone and go places you won’t run into anyone you know.

• Turn your phone off! Pretend you’re roaming and forgot to get a travel plan.

• Pack a tent and blankets and just drive. Flip a coin at intersections and see where you end up - when you’re ready, find an area to set up, or spread out your blanket and look at the stars

• Wear versatile clothing or bring items to layer. No stopping at home for quick wardrobe changes!

• Pay attention to details. Look at your surroundings like you’ve never seen them before.

• Think: what would you do if you were showing your out-of-town guests around?

My last and most important tip I can give you: focus on what is right out in front of you. I think a lot of times we are so focused on getting a pic/video to post to Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat and we don't fully enjoy what is going on right in front of our face. Live in the moment and take time away from social media and put all of your focus into the person standing right next to you!

And have fun!! We sometimes get so caught up in our daily lives that we turn into roommates more than lovers. Don't let the little things bother you on this trip, keep it fun, keep it light.



Life - What Are We Waiting For

I have been thinking a lot of our new direction in life, how now we are making a living showing people how we live. 

It had taken some time for me to forget everything that I have been programmed to know (shut your mouth, work hard & life is the way it is) I feel that I have a unfair advantage because of the experiences I have been fortunate to have. 

The Berlin wall, I took this picture while we walked along the wall earlier this month 

The Berlin wall, I took this picture while we walked along the wall earlier this month 

To now know that life has so much more for us. There are so many things that people are suppose to do. We are meant for so much more than working at a job we hate for a 1/4 of the time then sitting in front of a TV a 1/4 of the time & then sleeping the other 1/2 to escape the the first 1/4. 

There are so many more options for us. I'm not saying that our profession is easy and that their is no work involved but it's good work, fun work and something that I feel is helping people and providing a service that will help the young & old. 

I know that I'm made for great things with the time I have. Making great relationships with kindred spirits, raising great kids & and enjoying every minute of it. 

I know better than anyone that life isn't always rainbows and butterfly's. But it is what we make it, so what are you willing to change or alter to experience everything you are here to do?

If you need anything or just want to talk. Don't be a stranger email me, message me on Facebook or come to London for a visit.