How My Life has Changed in 3 years…. And Yours Can Too!

Laura LaRocque

Take 2 seconds right now and think about where you were 3 years ago. Where did you live, where did you work? Were you in a relationship? How did you feel? Who did you hang out with? What were your hobbies?

3 years ago I was sad, lost, frustrated, disappointed. I felt like a failure and had no idea how I let myself get so down in life. I was 27 years old, chose to walk away from my massage therapy business that I had built up over 7 years, was preparing to leave my husband after only 3 years of marriage. I didn’t know what I wanted to do next career wise. I didn’t have any hobbies and I cared too much about what other people thought of me. I knew I wanted a family, but I knew that I didn’t want to bring a baby into my current state of unhappiness and unstable relationship.

At that point my husband Mike and I had been together for 9 years – basically high school sweethearts who got married and followed what we thought was right. We had gone to school, got married, had our careers, and we were planning to start a family one-day. But somewhere in there we lost who we were, why we were doing it and basically fell out of love.

We weren’t fulfilled, we lived for the weekend and we partied a lot. And one day I woke up and realized I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I stopped going out, I tried to control and change Mike, I cried myself to sleep when he would still go out, and I beat myself up over allowing my life to reach this point.

I daydreamed about the future that I wanted – the white picket fence, the beautiful babies and the marriage and relationship where we were best of friends. But in my current reality, that was a far off dream. I finally decided I had suffered enough and made a decision that something had to change, and it had to start with me. I didn’t know where to begin on making changes so I sought out my first coach and started focusing on the one thing I could change in my life – ME.

So why am I sharing this with you? Because I know you can relate in some way. If you’re anything like me, there have been times in your life when you’re not satisfied, when things aren’t going the way you imagined and you feel like you’re failing at life.

Now fast forward 3 years to present time, Mike and I are driving back to Alberta after spending a week in Vancouver in search of a place to call home for the next year. We’re discussing how just 3 years ago, this journey wasn’t even a possibility in our minds. It was the experiences that happen only to people in the movies.

But over the past 3 years, we have quit our careers, packed up everything we owned, put it in storage, and moved to London England with only a few suitcases and accommodations booked for a week. We traveled through 10 European countries, we supported ourselves financially along the way, and now 2 years later we are back in Canada, with a renewed idea of what our future looks like.

We have spent many hours exploring new territory, exploring ourselves, setting new foundations for our relationship, our marriage, our future family and what our new “normal” looks like.

Now when we think about 3 years into the future, we can’t help but smile because we know first hand, that as long as we keep pushing forward, the possibilities are beyond what we are even capable of imagining right now.

And that’s why I am sharing this with you. Because I want you to know that wherever you are in your life, you don’t have to stay there if you don’t want to. We don’t have special super powers we just made a choice. And you have a choice too. Great things don’t only happen to people in the movies, they CAN and WILL happen for you too. You just have to start somewhere.

- Laura