Date Night - With a Life Lesson

Had a great date last night with Laura, dinner and a movie. It's been a long time since we have done that, I need to put a bigger effort to make that happen more. 

The movie we seen was The Martian. Great movie about a guy that has to survive on Mars all alone. I'm on a train right now thinking about how that movie can relate to life here as well. 

Too often we blame others for where we are in life. Saying that I don't have this or that because of this person or that person. When just like the movie shows, we control our own life. No one else

He could have easily given up saying that it was too hard and that everyone left him. But instead he started to solve 1 problem at a time. That's what we need to do as well. 

When you look at a whole problem it can seem big and impossible to solve. But if we just take it 1 step at a time and win little battles we will eventually get through this problem that once seemed so big. 

I feel that this way at going at things allows us to keep moving forward, working towards that end goal whatever that might be for you. And for me going at these little problems 1 at a time still enables me to look around and take in the journey at the same time. Not just being concentrated on the mountain that seems unclimbable. 

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