Why I Need To Cleanse


Ok, so in my Instagram post earlier today, I shared all the great Young Living products that were delivered to our flat today. Amongst them was the 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse

I have actually wanted to try this cleanse for quite some time. I am embarrassed to say that I’ve wanted to try it out for almost a year now and am just finally getting started!

We moved to London just over a year ago and while living in Canada I would say that I had a pretty decent routine of prepping and eating healthy meals. I have never considered myself to be on any special diet, or hype, although we did incorporate juicing and making smoothies on a regular basis into our lives in Canada. I believe my body functions best when I stick to an 80/20 Rule: Eating 80% of my diet through veggies, fruits, juices, smoothies, fresh water, clean and farm raised meats and eggs – and then of course 20% of the “treats.”

Moving to London has been one of my most physical challenges to date. That 80/20 turned into 20/80 – with my mindset being “I’m on holidays” – it’s ok to eat croissants, bagels and chocolate bars, lattes and mochas on a daily basis. It definitely didn’t take too long for this all to catch up with me. I neglected my body, and it showed. I don’t own a scale here, so I don’t know how much weight I gained, but my pants did not fit well – actually I avoided jeans due to the discomfort. I didn’t find much time to exercise. I developed a great muffin top and what upset me the most, was how terrible I felt. My stomach was always bloated, sometimes quite painful, and I could feel inflammation in my body that reacted with pain when I was tired, stressed or binged more on sugar and processed foods.

I finally decided last spring that there was no way I could carry on living like that, and after lots of hard work, I started to let go of those nasty habits I developed since moving here and get back to myself again. I love spending time in the kitchen preparing healthy meals and snacks again. I am also exercising and quite active on a regular basis.

One area I am still falling short on, is my love for food. Now I know we all love food, but I am basically obsessed with it. I think about what I can eat at all times, even if it is healthy choices. I never allow myself to feel hunger because I am always full. I have realized I am never giving my digestive system a break. And my body reminded me of that this past weekend when I developed terrible bloating and pain in my abdomen. I looked pregnant (no, I am not). And it didn’t go away in a day. It stuck around for 4 days. And yet I kept eating – as if to fill a void – to make it better. I am a complete emotional eater – I eat when I am happy, sad, angry, bored, excited! Can you relate?

So here’s where the cleanse comes in. I know I have an unhealthy attachment to food and this cleanse for me, is showing my body some love, giving it a chance to work through all I’ve put in it this past year, without piling up more work for it to do! It’s about letting myself feel actual hunger (there’s no starving your body on this cleanse – it’s getting lots of fiber, nutrients, antioxidants and supportive essential oils involved!!) It’s about giving my body that restart; the balance it needs to perform at it’s best. I am a busy gal and got lots of plans and goals, so I need to take care of this body!

I will be sharing over the next 5 days about my personal experience throughout the cleansing process. Remember, I am not a doctor or health care professional. Just sharing my own personal experience and the journey. I have no doubt there will be some ups and downs. I hope that in sharing my journey, it inspires you to make any healthier changes you’ve been putting off for your body and show it the love you deserve to feel your best!

– Laura LaRocque