Day 5 – YL 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse

Day 5! Cleanse is almost over.


This morning I was up early, planned to do yoga, but since it was such a beautiful morning and the sun was shining through my bedroom window, I decided a nice walk outside along the river seemed like the perfect way to start my last day.

I did feel a bit anxious when I woke up this morning. I had some thoughts and feelings of fear and doubt. My stomach felt a bit anxious. The walk outside was exactly what I needed and as I reflected on what was going on, I realized that some past thoughts/limiting beliefs are coming to the surface. I have had this happen on past cleanses I’ve been on. I have read before, about how we store so much feelings and emotions deep in our cells that when cleansing, these things can surface.  The walk was just what I needed as I recognized those fears and thoughts, and released them. I felt much lighter and relieved when I got back home.

Today I ate (well drank) the same as the last 4 days. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all looked like this:


~ 1 Cleanse & Digest – 1/2hr to an hour before my shake

~ 1 Balance Complete Shake

~ 1 shot of Ningxa Red

~ Water!


I also drank them around the same time as yesterday. I still didn’t opt for any snacks before meals today, but they are allowed on this cleanse should need be.

This afternoon I was feeling very clear, focused and alive. I had lots of energy. The only downfall to today was that I was VERY cold! I smelled everyone’s lunches today and I will say that I am very much looking forward to eating “real” food tomorrow. I am craving veggies, and fruit. I want clean and healthy food. I am feeling a lot more mindful about what I am ready to put in my body, and because I feel so great right now I want to keep it up.  I spent the evening preparing healthy lunches for the next few days, and made my fermented cabbage to enjoy with meals.

I am very much excited for tomorrow. But also realize that tomorrow is likely going to be the hardest day out of all of these past 5. I need to make sure I do not taste the food and then ingest too much. I do have a plan to come off the cleanse nice and easy; consuming whole real foods in small amounts in order to let my body adjust.

I know that the journey will continue over the next few days and I will be back with a post cleanse blog post in a few days. I am grateful you’ve been following along on my journey, and if you’d like to try your own 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse, email me and I will help you get started (at wholesale price) and be your biggest fan along your journey!

I feel confident that I have accomplished what I was set out to do in my first post Why I Need to Cleanse. The next few days and weeks will tell for sure. I know that this cleanse will be different for each person who does it, and will also be different for me next time I do it!

I am off to bed now, I am very excited to wake up tomorrow morning. See you soon!!

-Laura LaRocque