Day 3 - YL 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse

Day 3! It’s Hump Day!


I allowed myself to sleep in today, as I have a pretty long day ahead of me! I got up around 8am. Again I slept amazing and this morning I felt very rested and more energized than yesterday morning. I can’t say I would want to run a marathon by any means, but getting better!

I skipped out on yoga today. And I don’t feel bad about it! I believe that’s the most important thing. Life is about making choices and being ok with them. Not making ourselves feel guilty about not doing something.

Part of my decision for skipping yoga was knowing I volunteered today. I cycle there and there are a lot of hills to climb! And then you just never know how busy the 1.5hr of baby time will be – the babies decide that! And fortunately this morning was very chill – they must have known I would appreciate some relaxing cuddles today!

Today’s meal times were the same as yesterdayI didn’t feel I needed snacks in-between, but as I mentioned in Day 1, you can definitely incorporate snacks in-between should you chose to. Everyone’s bodies are different and we all have different things going on so I feel it’s important to listen to our own individual bodies.

I am feeling so much better today. Not feeling overly hungry, no bloating, no headaches. I feel a lot more energized. And that is exactly why I gave myself a break the first few days – cleansing for me means listening to my body and giving it what it needs. Eventually it will pay off and the energy will come back! And I am thankful today is that day! I feel like my skin is already brighter and healthier. I am grateful I was somewhat healthy before starting this cleanse because it has been pretty easy on me so far. I have experienced headaches and been very irritable in past cleanses but this one feels different. I do not feel deprived of anything.

I also did an hour and a half massage today, and then we went out to the Zac Brown Band concert here in London. I was thinking earlier that I would be exhausted and hungry by the end of the night so I packed a green drink in my purse in case I needed a pick me up. But to my surprise, I never felt hungry or tired! We danced, and sang – who knew you could have so much fun on a cleanse!

The trip home was a bit long, and my group of people picked up snacks, which made me feel hungry watching them, but as I got home, and fell into bed, I was very grateful and proud of myself. It was just more confirmation that I do not need to eat to fill voids or just for something to do. I am going to bed feeling light, tired, but really good!

If you’ve missed “Why I Need to CleanseDay 1, or Day 2 – follow my journey. If anything resonates with you and you are looking to cleanse, please do email me and I am happy to help you get set up with the 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse (at wholesale cost of course!) and follow and support you in your journey!

Until tomorrow, Goodnight!!

– Laura LaRocque