Day 2 - YL 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse

Day 2!


Alright, so I wasn’t as keen to get out of bed this morning as I was yesterday. I slept great (I usually always do anyways) but just felt a bit sluggish. I can definitely tell my body is working on healing on the inside and that is where my energy is going.

I got up again at 6:30am though, got out my yoga mat, and practiced for an hour. I will say that it was a very restorative practice. Like mostly stretching, with some flows. I didn’t have the energy and didn’t feel I wanted to exert myself too much.

I enjoyed a cup of hot water and Peppermint Essential Oil after my practice, as I was preparing to do an hour massage. I felt very limited on energy…. Not hungry, just not moving very fast. Once I started my massage I felt a wave of energy and that kind of propelled me into my day.

I had my “breakfast” at 10am again today. And it was the same as yesterday (check out Day 1 here!) In fact, I did everything the same today as yesterday. So that includes:

~ 1 Digest & Cleanse – 1hr before my shake

~ Balance Complete Shake

~ 1 shot of Ningxia Red

~ Water


I followed this 3 times throughout my day (10am, 2pm and 6:30pm) In between I drank lots of water, peed a lot, had a few BM’s, but nothing too crazy. Never felt bloated, no headaches and for the most part was a happier person than yesterday.

Again, I smelled everyone’s food at lunch time, but it didn’t seem to bother me much. I told a friend when she kept apologizing for eating in front of me or talking about food, that it’s totally ok, because I don’t even really want it.

I did find myself saying “I CAN’T have it” when offered food. But then I realized that I CAN. I am just CHOOSING not to. And it’s funny how just that switch in my brain made me feel empowered because I was simply making a healthy decision for myself. No one is making me do this cleanse, I can do whatever I want. And I am CHOOSING to give me body a well deserved break!

I definitely hit a wall around 5pm. I lost all my energy, I was freezing cold one minute, and then quite hot a little later. But after I had my shake and a short 15 min nap, I felt much better.

There was plenty of snacks constantly surrounding me, and someone said what a bad day to be on a cleanse. But I looked at it as a great day to be on a cleanse. It showed me I have the will power to not snack constantly and I shouldn’t have to be on a cleanse to be able to say no and have some control. I did however drink a small almond milk drink. It had no sugar, just simply almond milk. I must say I didn’t even enjoy the taste, but drank it anyways. It was just nice to shake it up a bit with some different tastes.

I am happy to report that I was a lot more loving of my husband tonight. I was a little irritated at times, but just apologized to him, letting him know he’s so sweet and I love him. I was talking about this with a few ladies and thought it’s funny that no one else seemed to irritate me like him, and we concluded it has to be because we have a deep level of comfort with our spouses and it’s like it’s ok for them to see us at our lowest, and to take shit from us, because they have to love us anyways lol.

I am off to bed, not hungry, just simply exhausted. I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings (and it will be my hump day on the cleanse!!!)

Check out my first post Why I need to Cleanse if you missed out on why I am going through this process.

Feeling intrigued and want to start your own cleanse? Let me know! I am happy to help you get your 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse ordered (at wholesale cost of course!) and would love to be your support system throughout your 5 day journey!

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Again, if you have any encouraging comments, I would love to hear them. Please leave them below. Until tomorrow…. Goodnight!

– Laura LaRocque