Day 1 - YL 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse

Day 1!


I woke up this morning excited about the adventure I am about to embark on over the next 5 days! I was up at 6:30am and got my yoga practice in. I opted for a fairly restorative practice this morning even though I felt I could do more – I knew I would likely be feeling a little less energetic by the afternoon.

I am planning to practice light yoga every morning over the next 5 days as I feel it’s important to keep my body moving and it’s helping the toxins and emotions flow throughout this period.

I held off on breakfast until 10am. Mostly because I wasn’t feeling hungry, and I knew that I would likely be feeling more hungry later in the day. Afternoon and Evening is when I typically eat anything and everything in sight.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are all the same, so I will just write down once what I ate at each “meal.”

Meal Times:

1 Digest & Cleanse softgel – ½hr – 1hr before my shake

1 Balance Complete shake – tastes amazing! Like Vanilla!

1 shot of NingXia Red


Each meal is surprisingly quite filling. I don’t feel deprived of food. I have spaced them out to drink at 10am, 2pm, and 6-7pm depending on when I am hungry. You can incorporate fresh fruit and raw veggies as snacks in-between meals if you need, but I have opted out of them so far. When I feel a bit hungry in-between meals, I opted for hot water with a drop Thieves or Peppermint essential oils and that helped me over quite nicely.

I definitely did notice more “hunger” throughout the day than before. But it actually kind of felt nice. And then I would drink water and what I realized is that I often just reach for food, when in fact my body is just needing water. After I would drink water, the hunger subsided and I completely forgot about it.

As the afternoon came along, I did notice quite an increased sense of smell. As everyone around me ate their lunches, I noticed smells I wouldn’t normally, and as I watched them eat, I felt a few urges to want some and thought about how great it would taste, but then I quickly reminded myself that it’s only 5 days and I am healing my body.

I felt a little cold throughout the afternoon and definitely felt a decrease in energy later in the afternoon. I had big plans when I got home around 7pm to get a lot of work done but I just honestly couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I gave myself a break and allowed myself to just relax and not be hard on myself.

I didn’t get any headaches, or bloating throughout the day. To which I am grateful for. BUT I did feel very irritated this evening. Mike (my husband) came home, and bless him; there is just nothing he can do that really doesn’t irritate me. I am writing out this blog and he is being sweet, but his computer speaker seems so loud and that annoys me in my silence of writing. He ate an apple and I honestly feel like he is eating it into a megaphone or something. I would never normally notice that. And it’s not that I want to eat the apple myself – I not even hungry – just feeling irritated with everything. I am obviously ready for bed.

I have done a few juice fasts before (In the middle of a freezing cold Canadian winter!!) and so far, as I get ready to head to bed after day one, I can say that I much prefer the work (or lack of) that I put into this cleanse vs making all my own juices in the past cleanses (hours in the kitchen washing and juicing veggies!)

I feel like I should note, I am not doing this cleanse to lose any weight. The point is to allow my body to cleanse itself and to re-balance. And then to be mindful about my relationship with food moving forward. Check out my last post “Why I need to cleanse

 Thank you for reading and if you have any encouraging words or comments, please feel free to share below! Until tomorrow……… Goodnight!

– Laura LaRocque