Diverse Training - Change Can Be Fun

So I have hit a wall with my fitness, I went from doing crossfit 6 times a week for 2 years straight. Since all of that nothing has been able to fill that void so far. I have done some circuit training, some lifting some different body weight exercises but still nothing has been able to substitute. 

To be fair I haven't been whole hearted with my approach to any of these other workouts I have done. I just haven't been able to get excited about any of it. I feel my body getting softer as each day passes by. I'm trying to give bodybuilding a try but I feel all I'm doing is hurting myself and putting things out of balance. My shoulder has been really acting up and made a lot of simple exercises almost impossible. 

My eating has been up and down but for the most part I would say I have been sticking my rule of 80/20. Mostly stay with clean eating but not restricting myself of anything. 

Last night I went to a training session with a mate of mine. One of my first friends that I made when I first got I London. Really cool dude, awesome to talk to. He gets me and we are on the same wave length about life. He's actually going traveling soon to see more of the world. 

We did a class about movement and different gymnastics moves. It felt so good to try something new and completely out of my element. I think for the time being I have found a new outlet to follow as far as fitness goes. 

As I age I have noticed that the body doesn't bounce back as quick as it use to. I always thought that was a myth haha. I think the more I focus on movement and mobility the better off I will be.

I feel very fortunate to be able to provide my body with quality food and to be able to supplement what I have to with Young Living products. Health wise I couldn't be better I jut need to get that 6 pack back haha. Won't be long. 

So weather seeing that 6 pack or getting a better quality of life is your goal, just remember to stop every once in awhile and reflect on where you are and if it's helping you or not. 

If you need anything or just want to talk. Don't be a stranger email me, message me on Facebook or come to London for a visit.